Charity Bazar – Family as a key element to happiness

The overall goal of our project is the support of home care for handicapped children and social edification on mutual understanding and enrichment. The main goal will be achieved through more sub-goals:

1. Increasing complexity of services and offering more forms of communication and selfexpression to the children with handicap, by purchasing iPads, Kinect and other tools for sensorimotor development and speech development. Self-expression through art therapy is equally important. Art can become a mean of communication where it is difficult to communicate.

2. Social engagement of families and children with handicap in activities that would be unaffordable for them otherwise (art therapy, group Kinect activities, participation and/or display of their own paintings at the exhibition etc.). The experience of being able to influence the society.

3. Informing society about available services, project activities, crisis support possibilities and disability issues ("World of our sense" exhibition). Promoting home care.

4. Influencing the public opinion and promoting communication and understanding between handicapped and healthy teenagers ("World of our sense" exhibition and following discussion between the two groups, group activities).